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Interschool Meet

Interschool Meet Juniors

On August 18, 2023, the NMS community witnessed an exhilarating display of talent at the Interschool Cultural Meet for our primary section. The event was a resounding success, aimed at providing young talents with a platform to shine and express their creativity.

The primary goal was to offer exposure and encourage the incredible potential hidden within our young stars. From vocal music to cookery, each activity aimed to foster a sense of accomplishment and self-expression.

The event buzzed with energy as our students showcased their diverse skills: Heartfelt melodies filled the air as our young singers enthralled the audience: The rhythmic beats of the band echoed with enthusiasm, leaving everyone mesmerized: Budding chefs whipped up culinary delights, showcasing their culinary prowess.

The atmosphere was electric, brimming with support, appreciation, and a sense of community. NMS is proud to have provided a nurturing platform for our primary students to thrive and reveal their exceptional abilities.

Interschool Meet Seniors

NMS proudly hosted an exhilarating Interschool Cultural Meet for our senior students, Grades 6 to 12, on August 19, 2023. The event was a harmonious blend of diverse talents and creative expressions, leaving everyone in awe.

The event aimed to bring together a rich tapestry of talents, allowing students to showcase their unique abilities and put their best foot forward on a grand stage.

 Students unleashed their marketing prowess with entertaining Ad Mad presentations. Walls transformed into vibrant canvases, reflecting students' artistic brilliance in Wall Graffiti. The power of theater was harnessed to convey impactful messages through Nukkad Natak. Minds clashed in a battle of wits, testing knowledge and quick thinking.

The venue reverberated with energy as we came together to celebrate creativity and talent. A heartfelt salute to all participants who graced the stage and the teachers who guided them The Interschool Cultural Meet was a resounding triumph, embodying the spirit of unity through diversity.