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Nischay, a school for underprivileged girls, was started as a community outreach programme by Neerja Modi School (Shri Modi Shikshan Sansthan) on 15th October, 2004 to provide free education to underprivileged girls. It aims to provide these girls quality education, alongside life and vocational skills, as a means of economic and social empowerment.

The school has been provided accommodation within the Neerja Modi school campus in Jaipur. At present, Nischay has a strength of 500 students who are given free education and a nutritious mid-day meal. The school started an extension of Nischay at Chachiawas, about 130 kms from the Jaipur. The Nischay School at Chachiawas houses 150 girls with the same facilities and resources.

Nischay strives to empower the girls to build a brighter future for themselves. We encourage first generation learners to step beyond their underprivileged backgrounds—into the educational and vocational opportunities available today.

Nischay runs daily classes from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The day begins with morning assembly followed by classes such as Mathematics, E.V.S., Computer, English, Hindi, Music, Dance and Art. Besides these classes, regular classes are also organized to teach the girls health and sanitation. A nutritious lunch is provided to all the girls during the lunch break by the school.

Vocational Skills Development programme
As part of our Vocational Skills Development programme, the girls are trained in the following: tailoring, paper craft kit making, chocolate making, and Diwali diyas making.

  • Paper Craft Kits (Hamara Nischay): A group of girls is assisted by the teachers and students of NMS’ Art department in designing and marketing craft kits. The proceeds from the sale of the craft kits goes to the girls after accounting for costs of production.


  • Students at Neerja Modi School are actively involved in Nischay to sustain the long-term benefits envisaged for these girls.
  • Volunteers from other parts of India and abroad have also contributed in sustaining the programme. We invite and always welcome volunteers to come and work with Nischay.

Case Study "Developing programs in an under-privileged girls’ school to increase short-term and long-term financial independence as well as access to formal financial services in order to increasing enrollment, reduce drop-out rate and include under-served populations in the formal banking sector" by Rahil Doctor


Engagement in the community is pivotal to student life at NMS.  The Community Service Programme aims to promote sensitivity in students as they deal with real world problems and seek solutions through critical thinking and action. It fosters skills and social responsibility to prepare them for leadership roles.
The Community Service Programme at NMS encompasses:
'Kaagaz' was started by Anant Patni and Faiz Khan. Both of them are high school students. Many of us might have questions asking how they started this and what inspired them. 
Their story is as follows: one day, they were going through the statistics of paper used versus paper recycled, they found that the amount of paper used was three times that of the amount of paper recycled. Keeping this in mind, they started Kaagaz, an organization that lends a helping hand to those in need. The students collect waste paper from their school and various offices, and give these papers to recyclers, who in turn give us money. Using this money, they buy essential items for communities in need.
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'People with Paintbrushes' is an online competition initiated by Tanya Sanghi, a grade 11 student of IB from Neerja Modi School. It is about where in students are given a topic every month. By the end of 6 months, they plan to put an exhibition of the paintings of the winners. The money raised from there will be used to buy educational products for underprivileged children.
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'ALMS' is a community service group started by four high school students - Radhika Todi, Mehul Gupta, Pranay Mundra and Riya Modi. The founders share a common vision in 'Don't dump, donate'. In the wake of growing poverty, the organization plans to aid the deprived and the needy by raising clothes, toys and other valuables. Their main objective is to lend a helping hand and bring smiles on the faces of those in penury.
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“H.U.G.S-Help Us Gift Smiles”: Janki Hariani, Aishwarya Bagri and Meesha Gupta, 11th std. students of Neerja Modi School are the youngest “social entrepreneurs” of our city with their startup.
One. Two. And Three,
These girls are not ordinary.
Their eyes so lively and bright,
Full of dreams they shine.
Their smiles contagious,
Laughter so infectious,
They have built a castle of books,
Discarded and placed in nooks.
Young little guardians of the needy,
Only for H.U.G.S are they greedy.
When you have a lot of books and you don't know what to do with them, you come to H.U.G.S. A startup initiated by 3 girls in the 11TH grade, H.U.G.S (help us gift smiles) is a book sharing platform. People who have umpteen books and issues storing them give their books to H.U.G.S. in return for exciting subscription offers and coupons from lifestyle stores and salons.
There are a lot of schools in Jaipur but most of them don't have libraries. Also, the upcoming cafes with the perfect ambience serve steaming latte but readers don’t enjoy them because these cafes don't have books to offer. We solve such problems by placing books in cafes and schools for free. Hence we utilize spare capacities and increase the cafes footfall! 
Buying second hand books from H.U.G.S. is a no brainer. Choose from our wide collection available on our online portal and place your order. We will deliver it at your doorstep. We also spread education by conducting course book sales for the needy at minimal prices. 
 We have already earned a profit of Rs. 45000 and sold books to over 600 people through 2 major exhibitions - ADAA and FORHEX. We are in the top 4 teams that took part in TIE young entrepreneur’s competition.
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NMS Changemakers’ Projects with Nischay
“There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life”-   Mary Rose McGeady

  • ‘Memories’ is an initiative taken by Shrey Kakkar, a student of grade 12  in 2014, whereby he creates memories for those who are deprived of special moments in life; he does this by organizing celebrations of birthdays and festivals. Facebook link:
  • ‘STEM & Girls’ was started by  Amritesh Singh and Shrey Kakkar of grade 12 in  2014 to prepare Nischay girls for competitive examinations (NTSE-National Talent Search Exam). STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and they are helping these girls by tutoring them in these areas. Facebook Link: 903095529764604
  • ‘Hamari Photo Kahaniya’ was initiated by Amritesh Singh in 2014, with the aim to develop photography skills among the underprivileged girls. He started conducting regular photography classes with the Nischay Girls to help them develop greater creative sense and even encourage them to pursue it as a career. Facebook Link:
  • ‘Musikology’ of Parthesh Menon of grade 12 provide the Nischay girls regular training for playing the Synthesizer and practicising vocal music. He aims to give these girls a reason to sing their hearts out and express all their feelings through music. Facebook Link:
  • ‘Under the Neem Tree’ was started by Yashwant Kumar to provide much needed digital literacy to Nischay girls, bolstering their work and communication skills. Facebook Link:
  • ‘Hamari Panchayat’  is initiated by Shreya Poddar of grade 12 to encourage girls to engage in debate on various topic, increasing awareness of the issues that impact their lives. Facebook Link:
  • ‘Personal Hygiene Camp’ initiated by Sudhi Mathur of grade XII to create awareness among women living in slums to maintain personal hygiene. She associated herself with Vatsalya foundation and has installed clay incinerators in the city for hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins.


NMS students are aware of the challenges and adversity faced by people in their immediate and greater surroundings. They constantly support causes and various global humanitarian issues.

Masti ka Pitara was started in 2013 as a mobile toy library for slum children, started by our 2013 senior class. The programme has been carried forward each year by the succeeding grade 12 students. 
NMS students have created a toy library where they go to Jhalana slums once a week and play with the kids. In doing so, they teach each other how to play games, follow rules and keep toys in good condition. Today the initiative also includes hygiene workshops with the children in the community. Students regularly distribute toilet kits, footwear and woolen clothes, helping contribute to their efforts of leading a hygienic and healthy life.

Warm Winters
Each winter a group of students takes responsibility to collect woolens in good, wearable condition and distribute them to those in need. 

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
Students in grades 9-12 organized a bake sale event and collected money to contribute for the Nepal Earthquake Relief fund.

Accident Prevention Awareness Campaign was started by students of grade 12 in 2015 in collaboration with INAYA Foundation; the goal is create awareness of safe driving to prevent accidents through street plays, pamphlets and posters.