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French Day at NMS

NMS organized French Day on Saturday, 30 april 2022 for the students of Grade 9th and 10th. The aim of the event was to celebrate the beautiful French language and its culture, which has become an integral part of the lives of many enthusiastic students.

Four competitions were meticulously planned for the day. There was a quiz to test the knowledge that students possess of French culture and civilization. There was also creative writing and Jeu de mot competition that assessed the student’s creative writing prowess and their hold of French verbs and vocabulary.  

An interesting gastronomy competition was also conducted that allowed students to exhibit their mastery of French culinary skills.

We were honoured to have with us Dr. Nidhi Raisinghani, Head of the Department of European Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies, Rajasthan University and Ms. Sanjana Sarkar, Director of Institut Français d'Inde (IFI), Jaipur as our esteemed judges for the day.

We took this opportunity to enlighten our students on the importance of learning a foreign language and the correct way of speaking it. The day was very enriching and motivating for all of us. Through such activities, we want to bring out the creative side of students as well as their eagerness to learn more about life in France, other international countries and their culture and language.