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University Fair

University fairs are one of the best opportunities and ways for students and parents to get information and crucial data about a lot of different colleges under one roof. 

Neerja Modi School recently conducted a college fair that provides students and parents with a ray of reassurance who are looking for international academic options. The fair brought close to 70+ top universities from across the world to create an interactive opportunity for students and parents, thereby giving them insights into the university atmosphere, academics, admission procedure, etc. 

In participation were Baylor University, US, Bryant University, US, Lynn, Pace and Ohio University from the US, TEDI-London from the UK and many more. The college fair gave the students an opportunity to engage and confer with admissions representatives. Their question-and-answers helped them become more equipped in making the right career choices and decisions with regard to the potential college or university that they may consider after high school.