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College Visits

Visit from Universities of Ireland

A government organization from Ireland, entrusted with nurturing the growth of Irish enterprise on a global scale visited NMS campus and promised collaboration with Education in Ireland. Nine prestigious higher education institutions also converged at NMS, each representing a beacon of knowledge. From the University College, Dublin, to RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, from Maynooth University to University of Galway, each institution resonated with the shared vision of global education. The ensemble also featured the University of Limerick, University College Cork, Dublin City University, National College of Ireland, and the illustrious Trinity College Dublin.

Visit from USA Universities

Distinguished envoys from eminent pillars of American academia, the University of Illinois (UIUC), Michigan State University, Penn State, Rutgers, and Wisconsin, revered members of the prestigious B1G 10 Academic Alliance, visited the NMS Campus and imparted their wisdom to students.

These erudite representatives imparted invaluable insights to our discerning students, meticulously describing the intricacies inherent in US college applications. This conversation undoubtedly revealed new opportunities, paving the way for students to explore exciting paths in their academic journeys.

Visit from University of Warwick

NMS hosted a workshop led by representatives from the University of Warwick, The University of Manchester, and the University of Edinburgh. This workshop provided a valuable chance for students to directly interact with admission officers. Students gained insights into the details of the UCAS Statement of Purpose (SOP) and had their queries addressed, covering topics like admissions, scholarships, university life, and living in the UK.

Visit from University College and Imperial College London

UCL (University College London) and Imperial College London joined forces with NMS to host a special event featuring representatives from the prestigious Universities. This event offered students a fantastic opportunity to gather important information about the application process, entry requirements, scholarships, and what it's like to study at these renowned universities. Whether students are interested in Engineering, Sciences, Humanities, or any other field, the experts from these universities were on hand to answer questions and offer expert advice.

Visit from University of British Columbia 

NMS had the pleasure of hosting representatives from the University of British Columbia, Canada. With an interactive and informative session, students gained insights into the academic programs, cutting-edge research initiatives, campus facilities, extracurricular activities, and the overall student experience that define the University of British Columbia.

The representative shared firsthand knowledge about the range of disciplines, majors, and minors available, catering to a wide spectrum of academic interests and career aspirations. Moreover, students were able to gain clarity on the admission process, entry requirements, available scholarships, and the unique advantages of studying at a globally recognized university like the University of British Columbia.

Visit from Northeastern University            

The recent visit by representatives from Northeastern University to the NMS campus was a highly valuable occasion for our students. It opened a door to a wealth of information and understanding about the university and the myriad opportunities it extends.

Through interactive sessions and engaging discussions, students had the chance to explore the diverse academic programs, research endeavors, campus resources, and vibrant student life that Northeastern University is renowned for. The representatives shared in-depth insights into the university's strengths, faculty expertise, industry connections, and global partnerships, giving our students a comprehensive view of what they can expect from their educational journey there.