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NMS Virtual Fair 2021

How is dry ice made? How has the stock market reacted to the second Coronavirus wave? Is there a possibility of life on Mars? These areamongst a few of the plethora of questions raised and discussed bythe Neerja Modi School(NMS) students in the recently-concluded virtual (club) fair.

The online event, a first of its kind, took place from June 4 - June7, witnessed a record turnout of 800 students. The fair was organised by the students and for the students to get a comprehensive understanding of the schools’clubs/societies.

NMS boasts of 22 unique student-led clubs that include the Film making club, the Robotics club, the Astronomy club, the Stock market club, the Bio-diversity club, the Neuroscience club to name a few.  The clubs are a preparation ground for students’ future as they aim to make learning simple by teaching themhow to practically apply what they learn in class in real-life situations. 

The virtual fair opened with the heads of different clubs giving presentations and showcasingwhatstudents would learnby joining their respective clubs.“Being a part of the quiz club will help in improving your general knowledge which will help you in the long run specially in preparing for competitive examinations,” said the quiz club head. Thedebating society head assured students, in a similar fashion, that their learnings would not just be limited to debatesbut they will also cultivate skills that would equip them to meet everyday life challenges.

The presentations by the club heads were followed by an interactive session with the students who responded with equal zeal and fervour. A student,in fact,left the stock market club head stumped, he asked him, ‘‘How much money have you invested in the stock market?’’ He was given a befitting reply as he was told that he will get the answer to his question only after he registers for the club.

While the Economics society discussed how the world economy would have been impacted if ‘Avengers’ were in fact for real, the Arts club head delved into the sensitive issue of mental health and explained to students how Art therapy can prove to be beneficial for their mental wellbeing.

“The idea behind the virtual fair is to show students the way, to make them aware that joining a club will not only help them in honing their skills but it will also ensure their personal growth. You get to network and meet like-minded individuals,” said Mihir Sharma, school Headboy and event organiser.

“The pandemic has disrupted our normal activities. We did not want students to miss out on an event which has been such an integral part of our school life all these years so we decided to go online. It was challenging but with the hard work of all club heads we managed to put up a great show” added Riya Aggarwal, head girl and event organiser.