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SPIRITY: Express your Gratitude

Neerja Modi School is proud to present 'Spirity - Express Your Gratitude', a youth-led initiative to inculcate thankfulness and gratitude in school students. 

Come join us for 40-spirity-days, where we'll do light, fun-filled activities everyday! Snap pictures of the activities you're undertaking and showcase your unique take at them. Star performers will be certified with appreciation certificates and a post on Instagram to let the rest of the world see! 

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As Indians all over the nation are grappling with the second wave of Covid-19, the NMS community has come together to find ways to uplift spirits. Ishita Goyal, Nisha Pathak, Urvi Gaur and Lakshita Nathawat have teamed up to bring you Spirity: Express Your Gratitude. From May 10th to June 18th, students of NMS in class 9-12 are invited to participate in our 40-day gratitude programme. 

Urvi shares her views on the importance of being thankful: “The pandemic has been very tough for me personally, and it was amidst all the panic that I realised how lucky I was to be safe and quarantined with my family. I believe that once we find the good in a terrible situation, it becomes much easier, which is exactly what everyone needs right now!”

Lakshita adds, “The pandemic has not only affected people's physical health but also their mental health. As a result it is crucial for all of us to take care of each other and find positives amid a sea of negatives. Having personally struggled to stay positive, I decided to join the Spirity: Express Your Gratitude team and assist them in helping others cope through the pandemic. I believe in using the power of appreciation as a means of feeling connected. I truly believe that Spirity gives me an opportunity to support my peers.”

Nisha talks about the driving forces behind Spirity: “Gratitude helps people feel more positive, relish good experiences and deal with adversity. With the situation that we are facing currently, gratitude can help us shine lights of hope in others' lives. I wanted to help people overcome negativity and stress from, especially during this pandemic, so we planned Spirity to fulfill this objective.”

Ishita echoes, “The covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world. There are many problems that have worsened, and one area of concern is mental health. Mental health is an important issue as we are all in isolation. I feel that gratitude is very important in our lives, to be thankful and express these feelings can be key to building positivity. Helping people realise the importance of happiness and other people in their life during this lockdown is something that I want to accomplish through this initiative.”

The goal is to find ways to nurture gratitude in our lives, learning how to practise kindness and mindfulness in simple ways. By reading daily reminders and engaging in small yet powerful activities, we believe that we can cultivate gratefulness to make each day more manageable and meaningful. Let’s come together in Spirity!