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26 December 2018 was one of the most memorable days in the history of NMS.  The cold evening turned warmer with every entry of the ex-student of NMS. The atmosphere around the campus was nostalgic. 

Almost 200 students gathered from 2008 to 2018 batches. Everyone was thrilled to meet their batch mates, school friends and the teachers. Everyone seemed grown up but at the same time, it was not difficult to recognize one another. The programme started with a welcome speech followed by a cultural programme and introduction of the students. It was heart warming to know about their journeys through life and success stories. The students shared their fondest school memories. The sense of pride and community could be seen clearly on everyone's faces. The programme ended with the principal, Ma’am Indu Dubey sharing her thoughts and thanking the students for making the event a huge success.

The evening was vibrant with everyone on the dance floor that followed by a grand dinner. It seemed like nobody would have left the premises had there been no social constraints. They all bid good bye to their alma mater with a promise to meet again.