The Secondary School aims to educate the individual in independent thought and ethical action. By stressing integrity as well as academic achievement, NMS education encourages personal resourcefulness, intellectual rigour and social responsibility.
In grades IX and X, students are offered knowledge in a broad spectrum of academic and artistic subjects including English Language, Second language (Either Hindi, Sanskrit or French), Social Sciences, Integrated Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and Mathematics. Students also undergo Computer Education and pursue Fine Arts.
The NMS students’ body aims to be diverse in its interests and backgrounds; individuals thrive in the NMS community where the school's philosophy is to hand hold each student to progress to his fullest potential in academics & extracurricular interests.
The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India. The school follows the Comprehensive and continuous Evaluation pattern for assessment of students’ holistic progress in Secondary School. Physical development and Sports Activities play an important role at this stage. Students participate extensively in Inter house & Inter school tournaments.

English Language 

The course is based upon an approach which recognises the importance of developing the students' oral and written communication competencies.
The over-all objectives are:

  1. to communicate in a precise and effective manner
  2. to be able to use English effectively for higher learning
  3. to develop a love for literature, creativity and interest in the language

By this stage the child will have mastered the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and will be moving on towards greater appreciation of nuances in language assimilation and expression.

Second Language
Secondary School students are given a choice between Hindi, Sanskrit and French as the second language to pursue at the secondary level.

Mathematics curriculum is designed to enable the students to think, reason, analyse and articulate logically. 
Teaching and learning of Mathematics at this level enables the child to consolidate the mathematical knowledge and skills acquired till middle school.It enables the students to:

  1. develop drawing skills
  2. develop mastery of basic algebraic skills
  3. apply skills to real life situations
  4. develop skills in mathematical tables as aids for computational work
  5. develop the ability to work with modern technological devices 

Up to the grade X level Science in an integrated form is compulsory for all students. The teaching and learning of Science at this level is primarily directed towards understanding scientific phenomenon and applying it for problem solving and decision making on the basis of knowledge of the key concepts which cut across all disciplines of Science.
The general aims are-

  1. to acquire understanding of scientific concepts, principles and laws;
  2. to develop instrumental, communicational and problem-solving skills;
  3. to develop a scientific temper, attitude and values;
  4. to develop concern for a pollution free environment and preservation of the eco-system;
  5. to cultivate social, ethical and aesthetic values
  6. to develop a love for all creatures - man, animal, birds and sea life and appreciate their place and role in the eco-system, and their contribution to the concept of balance in nature.

Social Science
Social Science is an integrated study of History, Geography, Civics and Economics. The main thrust is in the direction of the interdependence of these subjects in shaping a society, its people, their attitude and outlook. The study of Social Sciences aims 

  1. to promote an understanding of the processes of change and development through which human societies have evolved.
  2. to promote an understanding of human civilization and appreciation of the basic unity of mankind.
  3. to appreciate the contributions by various cultures to the total heritage of mankind and its progress.
  4. to develop a global perspective of the contemporary world.
  5. to develop skills and abilities to interpret geographical data and their overall impact on human life & civilization.
  6. to develop an awareness and critical understanding of the various social, economic, and political challenges facing country and the world
  7. to help children understand the various sectors of the Indian Economy, and plans and solutions to solve the problem of poverty, population, poor production and the helplessness of the farmer.



At this stage the school offers 3 academic streams – Science, Commerce, and Humanities. We offer a range of subject choices across these streams to enable students to choose 5 subjects as per their interests and avenues for Higher education. The 2 year study programme prepares students for the external Board examinations of CBSE in grade XII.

Combination of subjects available for grade XI & XII. Each student has to take English Core/Functional/ Elective Plus Any Group.

Stream Core Subjects (Choose any 3) (Any One)
Group 1 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Biology/ Economics/ Information Practice/ Physical education, Psychology/ Entrepreneurship.
Group 2 Physics, Chemistry, Biology Economics/ Information Practice/ Physical education/ Psychology/ Entrepreneurship.
Group 3 Economics, Business St., Accountancy Math/ Information Practice/ Commercial Arts/ Psychology/ Home Science/ Physical Education Entrepreneurship.
Group 4 History, Geography, Political Science Information Practice/ Psychology/ Home Science/ Physical Education Entrepreneurship, Economics.
Group 5 History, Business Studies, Psychology Math/ Home Science/ Physical Education/ Information Practice Entrepreneurship.
Group 6 Commercial Arts, Geography, Psychology/Political Science Home Science/ Physical Education/ Information Practice/ Entreneurship

Exposure to Academic needs and skills that will be required at the under-graduate level are provided extensively to the students.