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Jr. Kg.

Jr. Kg. Summer Holiday Homework

The wonders of where we are
And where we’ll be
What we do
And what we see.
What we find and what we seek,
Not everyone knows
And I just wonder--- mom and dad
Could you spend some time with me!!!

Dear Parent,
This summer we are giving you a completely new format for the summer-holiday homework.
The homework has been divided into three different categories which is optional. It is totally up to you to choose either of the three or do all or none at all.
1. The first category would be the Fun-Activities which can be done with your children at home so that you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with them and these can be informative and interesting at the same time.
2. The second category would have the tracing worksheets which can be helpful for the little ones to form a better pincer-grip before they resume school after the summer break.
3. The third would comprise of making interesting Project Books:-
The Alphabet Book” and “All about me book
From the above two project books you can choose to do both or any one of them.





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