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A Glittering Evening at Neerja Modi School (IV Annual Function)
17th December, 2004

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Prizes were awarded to meritorious students under various categories ranging from All Round Excellence, Academic Excellence to Outstanding performances in the field of Fine Art and Performing Arts.

The prestigious “Vimla Gupta” gold medal to the Best girl student of the year 2004 was awarded to Juhi Ajmera.

“KAUN” a dance was choreographed by Mr. Murli Nair of Mallika Sarabhai’s DARPANA ACADEMY.  It revolved around the theme of masks that people every where try to live in.  Each one is hiding his true self under masks and false facades.   The dance portrays the need to break free of self imposed constraints and savour the beauty of the universe.

The life of the mahatma, an embodiment of the highest virtues was portrayed in all its depth.  With the simplest weapon – humanity, he singularly took upon his frail shoulders the collective might of the British Empire.

Nimble feet swaying to A.R.Rahman’s version of Vande Mataram, depicting the celebrations at the dawn of swarajya in the play “M K Gandhi”.