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Pre –Primary and Grade 1 Annual Function 2017

Neerja Modi School took immense pleasure in hosting the Pre –Primary and Grade 1 Annual Function on September 16 and 19, 2017 in Birla Auditorium.  Around 800 students participated.

The programme commenced with a welcome speech.

The theme of the cultural programme was “Around the world”. The journey began with the opening song- We are the world and the audience enjoyed being taken to all the continents. The songs Do re me; Senorita and Kalinka were highlights of the segment based on Europe. Waka waka, Iko Iko  set the mood of being in Africa. Locomotion , Fire works set the stage of being Down and under in Australia The America segment had Michael Jackson , Uptown funk , Zumba . Coming to our own continent -Asia, Gangnum style, Kung Fu , Habibi and Bebot left the audience swooning on these hits.

Mahaganpatiyam , Rindposh , Nagada ,Rangeelo mahro dholna  were highlights of India. Waving flag was an apt Finale song and had everyone cheering and clapping.  The thematic backdrops, fascinating props and colourful costumes lit up the stage. The coordination and enthusiasm amongst the students was appreciable and everyone present applauded them wholeheartedly.

The evening full of power packed performances ended with vote of thanks.