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TEDxYouth 2017

The much sought after TEDxYouth@NMS unfolded this year on Saturday July 22, 2017, surfacing perspectives and unprecedented ideas that left the audience to contemplate life and question their beliefs. 
Gracing the occasion and holding the audience spellbound were Eefa Shrof (Yoga Supremo), Ananya Maskara (Literarian), Rajnigandha Shekhawat ( Chanteur de populaire), Krushnaa Patil (Mountaineer), Hridayesh Joshi (Stakanov of war and natural disasters), Tanvi Kejriwal (Magician of confidence), Bahar Dutt (Mother Teresa of the Natural World), Ana Rath (Philosopher), Mehul Damani (Expert scientifique) and Christopher C. Doyle (Wordsmith). 
Even in the small breaks between the sessions, the corridors were buzzing with guests and the audience engaging in activities, photo sessions and treating themselves to delectable snacks. 
Also worth mentioning here are the combined efforts of the volunteers, organizers and the curator. It was clear that their diligent attitude towards the event ensured its success. It was indeed a truly memorable event and will be cherished for days to come.