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NMS Alumni Meet 2016

The highlight of the date, December 26, at Neerja Modi School is the Alumni meet. This year too the day began with welcoming the Alumni. As always friendly matches were organized and the day progressed. Alumni basketball team won the friendly match played against the school team; however the school team won the football match, leveling the play field.

The evening was a gala event, full of nostalgic chatters, as the alumni and faculty caught up with one another. The school students put up an enthralling cultural programme reminiscencing school life through dance drama and a live band. The alumni played games reliving their school days with the same carefree spirit. The alumni, the council members and the teachers enjoyed and sumptuous dinner spread out for the occasion.

They were filled with joy and so were their teachers promising to be back again the next year. The evening culminated with everyone grooving to the beets of the DJ.